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Who is The Midnight Shower

The Midnight Shower is a Berlin-based rock band which was formed by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Soma Zsoter „Shoma” in the beginning of 2019. They are presenting a wide musical spectrum from electric guitar driven rock tunes to mellow piano ballads with the main focus being on creating exceptional melodies. Aside from the apparent rock music influences, classical music also had a great impact on the Midnight Shower’s repertoire. The band’s debut EP „Escape your Mind” was released in July 2019 featuring Shoma on every instrument and on vocals. The album was recorded and produced by renowned sound engineer Alberto Rizzo Schettino at Fuseroom Recording Studio, Berlin.

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    Who is TMS


    All songs in "Escape Your Mind" composed, arranged, performed and produced by Soma Zsoter

    Lyrics by Soma Zsoter

    Recorded in 2019 at Fuseroom Recording Studio in Berlin

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